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            As you need a fire-fighting solution, big or small, we invite you to consider one of the fast growing fire-fighting companies. Explore why FYREGARD ENTERPRISES is best suited to meet all your firefighting requirements.

            Mark of Quality
            Approved by The Directorate of Fire and Emergency Service Goa

            Welcome to Fyregard

            Ever since we came into the field of fire-fighting our business strategy is a firm grounding in discipline, strict maintenance of schedules, total commitment & expertise in solving problems of our clients. This approach since inception helped us grow at a faster pace than any other fire-fighting company. Evidence comes from our rich and ever expanding clientele.

            Our flexible procedures allow us to tailor customized fire-fighting solutions according to requirements.

            The coming leaves project a picture of the achievements, plans, projections and technical abilities combined with reasons for the clients, to convince them of the capabilities of Fyregard Enterprises. We sincerely hope that you shall schedule a visit to our office with an enquiry at the earliest.

            Director's Message

            We specialise in installation of Fire Hydrant, Alarm and Sprinkler Systems, and we are the distributors for smoke detectors.

            As you need a fire-fighting solution, big or small, we invite you to consider the most experienced company in Goa. Our clientele includes, Five Star Hotels like Taj Group, The Leelas’, The Marriott and Builders like Kamat Construction, Models are our esteemed customers for the past 15 years.

            Fyregard is here to help to kill fire, and save your valuable Life, Property and Business.

            Goa's most trusted choice in Fire Fighting. "Be on Guard with Fyregard."


            • Refilling of fire extinguisher.
            • Painting & labeling of fire extinguishers.
            • Servicing of fire extinguisher
            • Servicing of fire hydrant system.
            • Servicing of fire alarm system.
            • H.P.Testing for all fire extinguishers except CO2.
            • H.P.Testing for CO2 cylinders.
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